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Black Friday and Monthly Ring Winners

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                             November Winner

Unique Princess Cut 925 Silver Platinum Peridot Ring

James from Pennsylvania - Won



Winners of Octobers rings

         Gale from Ohio     






        Donna from Texas


pink womens ring

Both were lucky winner’s

Volume 1 / Issue 1

November is the month for black Friday

  • Available on online
  • 20% off all products
  • Minimum purchase of 1 item
  • Active from Nov 2 to Nov 30


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This Months Ring Giveaway will be about the 20th

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About me

Hi my name is Johnathan, I am self made Entrepreneur.

It all began in the United States in 2019. I had a passion for fashion and jewelry, all of whom appreciated personalized jewelry and wanted to convey their unique personalities through jewelry. Whether you are into fashion, rock, tattoos, goth, punk, biker style or religion. Whether you are looking for: Just to name a few collections

Wearing jewelry is a way for people to communicate their individuality. At Glitzy Ringz, we make it our mission to support you by offering Unique jewelry wholesale that tells a story about who you are. You will find jewelry that shows your personality. We believe that price is not the only way to express the quality of jewelry.

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