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Enhance your wellbeing - wear Black Onyx Jewelry


Onyx is the highest quality onyx is found in the mines located in the central area of Turkey known as Cappadocia. Turks believe that onyx stones have properties that help protect the wearer from harm. 

Since onyx is a strength-giving stone, it assists with confidence and is useful for athletes or people under stress! According to the Encyclopedia of Gemstones, “Onyx is associated with strength and is considered to be a “grounding” stone.  If you want to eliminate negativity thinking and is believed to sharpen the wits of the wearer.” Black onyx helps improve concentration and devotion. 

Black Onyx is crystals of mineral iron sulfide which is basically Iron and sulfur in almost equal quantities. Despite being designed to emulate diamonds, marcasite jewelry has attracted value in its own right. Black Onyx creates jewelry that is attractive and affordable and less expensive but as sparkly as diamonds.

At Glitzy Ringz, we have Black Onyx jewelry-- black onyx set in 24kt gold vermeil or sterling silver and some with marcasite for added sparkle. All are designed to make you feel beautiful in many ways. Shop our website, Men's Black Onyx Rings.
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