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Butterfly Jewelry and Why Buy?

What do butterflies mean to you? Many people feel that these beautiful creatures symbolize hope, change, or new beginnings – all things we are always striving for. See our butterfly jewelry and associate it with the cycle of life and the changes we go through from childhood to adulthood. Whatever your interpretation.  Butterfly Jewelry collection is crafted with timeless style. We hope you will adore these tasteful pieces for their beauty and symbolism as much as we do.

Some many choices to choose from. 


Sterling Silver Austria Crystal Butterfly Stud Earrings


Handmade Flying Monarch Butterfly Stone Inlay Sterling Silver Ring (

A Gift: Butterfly Jewelry 

Blue Sapphire Infinity Swirl with accentuate Diamonds Necklace

                                     Blue Sapphire Butterfly Necklace

No matter if the gift is sterling silver butterfly jewelry Ring, Necklace or another form of jewelry can make a perfect gift for a close family member or friend who’s undergoing a major change or milestone in their life. A thoughtful gift goes a long way and who will cherish the hidden significance of this gift the most. 

Whoever you decide to gift with butterfly jewelry, it will hold powerful meaning to that person.

Types Of Butterfly Jewelry 

The Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning of Butterflies
Butterflies symbolize life, freedom, change, hope, and rebirth. Not only are they an object of beauty, but they are also a sign of spring as they are one of the first few creatures to emerge after a long winter. Butterfly lifespans are short–only two to three weeks long. Butterflies are easily one of the most admired insects in the world. Also, have long connected with jewelry.


 Sterling Silver Butterfly Ring                            Gemstone Butterfly Ring

Butterfly Ring for Women White Fire Opal     18K Rose Gold Gemstone Sterling Silver Butterfly Ring

Some people believe that butterflies are angels in costumes. Because butterflies undergo metamorphosis, it is not at all surprising they have become a symbol of change and transformation. There are many stories of the butterfly appearing at sites of birth and death and are thought to be messengers from the spirit world or heaven, depending on religious beliefs. They are also sometimes thought to be spirit animals that characterize playful, carefree, and flexible personalities.



Crystal Heart Shaped Necklace

Crystal Heart Shaped Butterfly Necklace

 The butterfly meaning. Watching butterflies dance in the air from one flower to another has always been exquisite. They possess such an enchanting presence that they never fail to lighten the mood of anyone who sees them. For some, butterfly meaning signifies spiritual rebirth, creativity, joy, promise, and the capacity to experience and enjoy the beauty of life.

A butterfly’s grace and charm add color to an otherwise dull existence, brightening up our path as we go through life’s journey. Many see a butterfly’s odyssey as a reflection of the spiritual path; its metamorphosis symbolizes transformation, an aspect that most of us experience at a certain point in our lives.

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Butterfly Sterling Silver Tassel Earrings


 When buying someone Butterfly Jewelry as a Gift. A signal is being sent out.  This kind of gift is a symbol of love, change, and joy. So, buying someone Butterfly jewelry could have a different meaning to a person. So, what is yours?

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