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Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

Colored gemstone engagement rings also offer the possibility of certain observations, such as curious optical effects, that are not seen in diamonds. These situations are being caused by the reflection of light off dense inclusions of minerals in gems cut as cabochons.

                                            Blue Sapphire Diamond

Blue Sapphire Diamond Sterling Silver Engagement Ring

Glitzy Ringz, we love diamonds, but we also believe that your love story is unique; we know that you might want something other than the traditional diamond engagement ring. There are plenty of handcrafted, romantic alternatives to the “traditional” diamond engagement ring, many of which offer greater value and just as much sparkle.

Consider gemstone engagement rings. A vibrant and cost-effective alternative to diamonds and they are less expensive. Over the centuries, cultures across the world have contributed to the legend and meaning surrounding gemstones; each precious gemstone has its own meaning and symbolism. Picking a gemstone engagement ring for its symbolism can add even more meaning to your engagement. 

Here are a few of our favorite gemstone engagement rings.

Three Stone Amethyst

Celebrate your past, present, and future. While in sparkling fashion.  Because you shop everyone in their tracks. With the stunning three-stone engagement rings. This captivating design is a great way to mix and match different gemstones into the mix. First, with so many different 3-stone engagement ring designs available. Second, it's easy to find something clean. Third, the classic or intricate and vintage-inspired.


                                        Sapphire Engagement Ring 

Sapphire Engagement Ring Non Diamond 18K Gold Blue

With our Princess cut blue diamond sapphire engagement rings, your future wife will have the perfect dream vintage sapphire rings she has always wanted. Finally! The solution you’ve been looking for has arrived! Our luxury designer jewelry comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee in case of loss or damage. What makes us so sure that this magnificent ring will last a lifetime? It’s crafted from solid 18K gold and Non-Diamond Engagement Ring polished to perfection by master designers

                                     Diamond Pink Sapphire Ring

Sterling Silver Set Round Cut CZ Diamond Pink Sapphire Ring

Ladies, this is a fashion statement Pink Sapphire Ring. Because this will be your new favorite jewelry piece! This chic fashion ring is perfect for any outfit.  Wear it to the office or to the weekend. It's made from the highest quality materials and looks incredible on its own or stacked with other October Birthstone Ring. You can't go wrong with this gorgeous choice!


Pink Tourmaline

Pear Imperial Pink Sapphire

The pear-shaped pink sapphire nestled in a diamond halo exudes charm and elegance. It is a prong-set at the center of the lustrous split shank and glows endlessly. Dazzling diamond accents adorn the shank of this striking Silver pear pink sapphire halo ring.





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