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Meaning behind. What Does A Turquoise Ring Mean?

This adorable Turquoise Jewelry ring is ideal for making a fashion statement with little effort. The stone is gently placed in hand cut bezel settings while being accented with twisted silver and mini stamped silver beads for a marvelous finish! We have rings with turquoise stones, men's turquoise ringswomen's turquoise rings, Unique turquoise rings, faux turquoise jewelry cheap and much more. 

Men Sterling Silver Gemstone Turquoise Ring

There are many different meanings behind the Turquoise Ring. To one person it could just be a simply beautiful ring to others the meaning is more in-depth. 
Let's start with Turquoise, which is an opaque blue-green mineral. Which is one of the oldest gems in human history. The meaning represents wisdom, tranquility, protection, favorable and hope. It fascinated ancient people. For many reasons. Unique Turquoise Rings. First due to the unique color. Second, but also because they believed in its powerful protective power. Third, tranquil energy. Lastly with the connection of lasting love.

Carved Sterling Silver Flower Turquoise Ring

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The History of Turquoise Rings
People for thousands of years have been wearing turquoise jewelry. Known to be one of the earliest gems processed by mankind. Turquoise is soft enough to be shaped, polished and shaped. One can use simple tools-so, just as the earliest era of human civilization did to shape into beautiful jewelry. The turquoise is very attractive, this is because of its unique color. There is a wide range of colors and comes in all shades of blue, to blue-green.  It is named after the French term "Pierre torques," which translates to "Turkish Stone.". There is evidence of the turquoise in the Sinai Peninsula,  6000 BC. Turquoise gemstones were first discovered from ancient Egyptian tombs with exquisite turquoise jewelry. The ancient Chinese civilization attached great importance to turquoise and believed that it was second only to jade. Native Americans in the southwestern United States used handmade necklaces and other turquoise jewelry.  In the New World, American Indians learned to use turquoise and silver to develop their unique style of jewelry when Europeans brought the technology over. 
Vintage Gemstone Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring

                                Vintage Gemstone Turquoise Ring 

 Protective power is what the Turquoise is a stone known for.  Many turquoise symbols and legends involve predicting danger.  In fact, this blue mineral is a talisman to protect horses and riders. When a rider has Turquoise on him it is believed to help him render not fall off the horse.  Many Native Americans wear this powerful blue-green stone for protection in battle. They decorate their arrows with these amulets, believing that this powerful stone improves aiming and accuracy.


Turquoise is believed to carry great truth and wisdom. 

Turquoise Ring Sterling Silver Gemstone

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Other Meanings

In fact, couples often put them in their wedding rings. In Tibet, the gradual process of turquoise changing from blue to green when worn signifies the development of wisdom and the cycle of life and death. At the same time, in the UK, girls presented turquoise to their lovers as a symbol of eternal love. In Russia, blue-green stones also symbolize love.

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