Celtic Cross Knot Necklace Love Pendant

Dear Friends. I hope everyone is safe and sound. I send my greatest wishes to everyone all over the world. One of our most popular ranges with our store is the family is our Celtic jewelry collection.  So this week we’re offering 20% off, discount code 95HZ4KW4MEHG, use at check out selected lines. I’ve chosen some of my favorite pieces featuring much-loved Irish symbols such as the Kitsune Fox Celtic and the Celtic Cross Knot Necklace Love Pendant. There’s also a short history of these cornerstones of Irish jewelry design.


Kitsune Fox Celtic Knot Ring

1. Kitsune Fox Celtic
Firstly, it’s everyone’s favorite Kitsune Fox Celtic. The Celtics Knot Jewelry is almost certainly the most popular symbol in Irish jewelry. The story of the back some 300 years to County Galway. Celtic lore has foxes taking on the role of spirit guides, wise creatures who knew the trees like no other. The Celts believed foxes were cunning creatures with a wily intelligence, known for their trickery and their wisdom. Foxes were seducers…able to captivate with both their voice and their good looks. When a fox appeared, Celts thought the fox symbolized a need to think quickly and strategically, to employ cleverness and wisdom, and adapt to situations. The Celtic fox meaning also included a need to observe others and your surroundings, while remaining unnoticed yourself.


Heart Shaped Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring

2.The Claddagh

Second, it’s the Claddagh. The Claddagh is almost certainly the most popular symbol in Irish jewelry. The Claddagh ring belongs to a group of European finger rings called "fede rings" The name "fede" derives from the Italian phrase mani in feed. Galway has produced Claddagh rings continuously since at least 1700,  but the name "Claddagh ring" was not used before the 1830s. Although there are various myths and legends around the origin of the Claddagh ring, it is almost certain that it originated in or close to the small fishing village of Claddagh in Galway. The Claddagh's distinctive design features two hands clasping a heart and is usually surmounted by a crown. These elements symbolize the qualities of love (the heart), friendship (the hands), and loyalty (the crown).



 Celtic Cross Knot Necklace Love Pendant

3. Celtic Love Knot Cross
So many stories and myths surround the origins of the Celtic cross design. One of the all time favorites for years is the story centers around St Patrick. On seeing a pagan standing stone imprinted with a circle that represented the moon goddess, he blessed the stone with a Latin cross. As a result, the first Celtic cross came into being.


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