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Best 4 Tips for Cleaning Jewelry

1. Original way to clean jewelry, soap and water. This simple solution cleans the unwanted grudge of jewelry without causing damage.

blue background with soapy sods in water
 To clean jewelry,
First, mix a cup of water and a few drops of liquid dish soap.
Second, after mixing both together place the jewelry in the mixture for a few seconds.
3. Remove, then take a dry clean cloth and buff out any spots.
4. Let jewelry dry and put away.
Keep in mind that this method is best for mild stains, tarnish, or general wear-and-tear, like those you'd find when cleaning sterling silver. However, this method won't be strong enough for major spots, rust, or buildup.

To get rid of major spots, rust, or buildup.

   wooden spoon full of baking soda, some spelled out on table


2. Bubble it up with Baking Soda
Not in the right mood to scrub it up manually. Let baking soda do the work for you. Both baking soda is not only good for heartburn. It causes a chemical reaction when mixed with water. Which, when you introduce the jewelry and baking soda the reaction produces bubbles and fizz that attack the buildup.  Simply place your jewelry and an active ingredient in a bowl, cover with water. Then you will soak the jewelry only for a few minutes, remove and wipe dry. Always dry before putting it away. This method is best as a diamond ring cleaner, silver jewelry cleaner, or gold jewelry cleaner.

pan with boiling water on a stove
3. Boil It up 
Hot water is one of the cheapest and easiest cleaning solutions for hard metal jewelry. When the water hits a certain level the steam and heat will cause dirt and debris to loosen. Therefore making it easy to wipe away. Simply place jewelry in a heatproof container, then slowly pour boiling water over it until covered. Let the jewelry cool completely. After removing from the bowl using a clean cloth wipe away the dirt way. Always dry before putting away. When cleaning pearls, opals, and many other gemstones this method will not work.

large bottle of yellow antibacterial cleaner

4. Antibacterial Cleaner
Keeping up your bling use an antibacterial cleaner. You will sparkle to the core. First, mix the cleaner and water in a bow.  Best to soap for about 10 minutes. Then take the jewelry out of the cleaner, wash off with water, rub it with a soft cloth pr teeth brush.  Let jewelry dry before putting it away.

By Joann Dotson

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