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July Birthstone: Ruby Rings She Will Absolutely Love

With July right around the corner, why wait?

July represents many things.  The start of summer. Which means celebrations.  Fireworks, cookouts, Independence Day. Let's not forget one of the most important. Of course, many people share something between them. July Birthdays. So. why not get the birthstone Ruby. In consideration of that, we want to kick off our July celebrations with a discussion on the birthstone of the month. Check out our ruby rings.


Ruby Rings

Heart Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Ruby Ring


Ruby is the pick for July Birthstone. The ruby is one of the four precious gems.  Derived from the Latin word “ruber”, which means “red”, rubies are the color of love, romance, passion, and July

Truth be told, the Ruby gemstone needs no introduction and reveres this pinkish red to the blood-color gemstone. When the word ruby is spoken you will immediately envision one in your head. 

Hands holding a Ruby Gem

Hands Sterling Silver Ruby Ring



Rubies carry a rich history. They have always amazed the women in our culture and human civilization. This precious gemstone has been around since ancient times and has been considered the King of Gemstones from as far back as history tells us. 

There are records back to 200 BC. This shows that rubies were traded. This was a time when noble Chinese men said rubies would protect them. When they added rubies to their armor. 

In ancient Asia, they believed the Ruby had very special, mystical powers. So, Burmese warriors would wear necklaces made of rubies to make them invisible and unable to be affected by death and pain. 

Heart Ruby Ring

Diamond Heart Shape Ruby Ring



In 1912, Jewelers of America officially named the Ruby as the July Birthstone. What does this mean? Well, it’s like the twelve zodiac signs, it is simply paying homage to tradition and superstitions. While modern people are not as superstitious as our ancestors, we still love to believe in supernatural forces. No matter what you believe or what meaning the ruby has for you, we can all agree it is one of the most beautiful natural creations in existence. 

red ruby


While the ruby holds different meanings to people, in general, it signifies peace, harmony, love, good wealth, and power. It is still, to this day, associated with vitality, energy, and physical strength. The feeling you get from having your own ruby is almost indescribable. Once you own one, you can understand how ancient people of the past could believe such incredible things about the power of the ruby.



woman wearing a ruby ring

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