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Lotus Flowers and Lotus Ring

Lotus- Is an Aquatic flower blooming most beautifully from the deepest and thick mud. It is a perennially blooming flower that has striking symmetry and colors. But this Lotus Flower, delicate beauty is much more than just a flower. It is a flower of spirituality and meaning as old as time.

lotus flower in the water with green leaves floating


Because of the lotus flower meaning of purity, grace, fertility, self-regeneration, serenity, and everything divine, it is often placed alongside deity figures. In Hindu culture. Is believed that the Gods ride on the Lotus flower.  As for the Buddhists say Buddha appeared atop the floating Lotus.

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Further, the Lotus flower beholds a secret meaning and significance that makes it a sacred beauty. Unlike the other flowering plants, Lotus's life cycle is different. With its roots padlock in the mud, the flower gets submerged into the water at night and re-blooms the next morning, sparkling clean. That’s the reason why in many cultures, Lotus significance is of re-birth, reemergence, and spiritual enlightenment.


Lotus flower



Lotus Flower Facts
● Lotus is the national flower of both India and Vietnam. Interestingly, it is the Lotus pink flowers that are a national symbol.
● The flower is native to Asia, predominantly to the regions of India and China.
● A Lotus flower grows 49 inches in height and can spread 10 feet horizontally.
● From the stems to the rhizomes, most parts of the flower are edible.
● Lotus flower also has applications in the medicinal industry. It has been used for treating muscle spasms and pains.
● The flower petals open in the morning and close at night.
● The petals of the Lotus have air-pockets to retain buoyancy on the water bodies.
● Lotus is a sacred Buddhist flower.


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