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Our jewelry is beautiful Opal jewelry. Unlike many other stores – our jewelry we guarantee. Each piece has been designed around the opal to make it shine and show it off. Because of its inherent uniqueness opal jewelry always stands out and you are sure to get comments. Wearing an opal ring or earrings or necklace is to say to the world – I enjoy finer things and I am not a sheep – I like to march to the beat of my own drum. Opal jewelry has been worn for millennia. It is rumored that Cleopatra has an opal in her tiara from her lover Mark Antony. And Victorian Era Pliny a Roman philosopher called it the Queen of Gems for its multitude of colors. Considered throughout the centuries to be enormously lucky – knights took opal into battle believing it protected them – as did women who used opal as a strengthening talisman in childbirth. It was Queen Victoria however who really revived the passion for opal jewelry in the late nineteenth century when she wore it regularly and gave suites to her daughters. This coincided with the early discoveries of white opal in Australia and the earlier finds of opal being exhibited in the London Exhibition of 1905. 


Women's Opal Necklace

Women's Unique Opal Sunflower Necklace

How do I value opal?
I get asked to value opal for other people on a daily, and I understand why. Opal is a notoriously hard stone to value because there are no hard and fast rules you can apply to every stone. The drawing card of opal is the fact that every single stone is unique. Nobody will ever have a gem that looks quite like yours. On the flip side of that, every stone needs an individual valuation. “Is my opal valuable?” There isn’t a simple yes or no answer that I could give you for this. It’s more like, “Yes. No, maybe. Value depends on how your value your Opal jewelry.


Opal Moonstone Earrings

Silver Opal Gemstone Swing Retro Moonstone Earrings


What patterns are in opal?
Explaining different opal patterns 
An opals pattern has a massive impact on its value. Some opal patterns are common and don’t add much value whereas rare patterns send it through the roof. Which patterns are common in opal? Are some patterns worth more? Why do some patterns look so different on each opal? Can an opal have more than one pattern? 


Opal Ring

Victorian Style and CZ Diamond Halo Oval Opal Ring


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