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Q & A: Fear of Proposing



You've decided to propose. No matter what you anticipate. Remember everyone is waiting for you to drop to one knee. What if you can't get the words out, Will You Marry Me? As you look into her eyes you feel the butterflies deep in your stomach. You feel like someone is watching. Oh yes, they are everyone in the room. Then you realize no dropping to your knee, no elaborate popping of champagne or gathering of waiters. Instead, you have fallen on the floor with the embarrassment of the moment.  Your partner has already said Yes. At least before falling on the floor you handed the Ring to her as you were going down.


Ok, so who hasn't felt like that before? I would ask you to raise your hand but it would not do any good, since I can't see you as you read this. So let's take a tour back to reality and to Glitzy Ringz to check out our Jewelry. We have not just engagement rings but others check us out.


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