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What is Owl Jewellry?

Owl jewellry - what exactly are these symbols of and why are they so popular? The truth is, the popularity of the owl necklace as jewelry is because it holds symbolism.

Remember along with wisdom and knowledge, owls also represent mystery, intelligence, protection, secrets and mysticism.

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Cute Blue Eye Owl Ring
                                                  Blue Eyed Owl Ring


Owls are birds of the nocturnal bird. Therefore, they are closely related to the moon and night. In addition to wisdom, the most famous symbol of owls, owls are also symbols of paranormal wisdom, regal silence, and fierce intelligence. Native Americans associate owls with vision and the ability to predict the weather.

Blue Crystal Owl Circle Pendant Necklace
                                           Blue Crystal Owl Necklace

In the history of ancient Greece, Asia and America, the owl has always been a powerful symbol of wisdom and magic. Which featuring quite extensively in a variety of folklore and superstitions and being one of the most recognized symbols in the world. Ancient Chinese philosophy also regarded the owl as a The Feng Shui Owl symbol is a source of good luck, wisdom, knowledge, and protective energies.

What is Owl Symbol of Wisdom?

Today, we associate owls with intelligence and learning jewelry wearing. Thinkers and hunters, yes the Owl fits both. Owls don't use physical force. They prefer to plan strategies. Greece started the idea that the owl is a symbol of wisdom. Athena In Greek Mythology — The Greek Goddess of Wisdom was respected. Whose symbol was the owl? Therefore, since centuries ago, the owl has become a symbol of wisdom, learning, and wisdom-even a prophecy.

Owl as a Symbol of Protector


Inlaid Ruby and Crystal Owl Ring

Inlaid Ruby and Crystal Owl Ring

Some cultures also view owls as a kind of protector against injury and bad luck. Owl feathers used to be used to fend off demons. The symbolism and tradition of the Celtic owl portray it as a warrior and guardian of honor. According to the Celtics, it was the wisdom of the Owl Warrior that gave it the right to understand the path of the underworld.

Is Owl Jewelry Bad Luck?

Owls play an important role in American Indian culture. The meaning and story behind the owl vary from tribe to tribe. Native American owl means a unique combination of wisdom and death. They believe that this intelligent creature is the guardian of sacred knowledge.

Viking Celtic Engagement Owl Ring

Viking Celtic Engagement Owl Ring

Owl jewelry still has a unique charm and has always been popular in the jewelry field. Owl jewelry can be used to reflect the positive attributes associated with the nocturnal bird. Strictly speaking, wearing an owl ring, bracelet or pendant is a symbol of the wearer’s feelings towards the owl. So, follow what makes you happy. If you like owls and wearing owl jewelry can bring you happiness, then why not wear it!





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