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                            Who is Glitzy Ringz- My name is Johnathan from West Virginia
It all began in the United States in 2019. I had a passion for fashion and jewelry, all of whom appreciated personalized jewelry and wanted to convey their unique personalities through jewelry. Whether you are into fashion, rock, tattoos, goth, punk, biker style or religion. Whatever you are looking for: Just to name a few collections. We are a dropship company our orders come from different suppliers.

Wearing jewelry is a way for people to communicate their individuality. At Glitzy Ringz, we make it our mission to support you by offering Unique jewelry wholesale that tells a story about who you are. You will find jewelry that shows your personality. We believe that price is not the only way to express the quality of jewelry. We sell only online to avoid traditional markups and offer items at reasonable prices.

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We strive to make high-quality jewelry affordable for everyone.

At the time, most of the jewelry available on the market was high-priced – silver.  It occurred to me that since silver rings were prone to wear and tear why not make sell jewelry cheaper and create a store to promote these pieces.

That was this idea that led me to Glitzy Ringz. I  wanted to make it so everyone can afford jewelry that reflected their individuality. With this idea in mind,  Glitzy Ringz was created.

We have different collections to choose from. Everyone deserves to receive and give love. I have devoted myself to providing beautiful jewelry for all. From classic must-haves to the latest trends, our selection of quality jewelry.

Glitzy Ringz has everyday lowest compared to the most competitive jewelry stores online. And, the online shopping experience is better than most.

When you select the category you want, you can easily sort through your options visually. . You'll definitely want to use those sorting options. 
Easy to reach customer service
Shoppers will appreciate Glitzy Ringz availability: not only do they have agents available from 24 hrs - 7 days a week.
High customer reviews
How does  Glitzy Ringz perform in actual customer reviews?  When we looked at third-party review sites, though, we found a few less-than-perfect reviews. However, Glitzy Ringz had an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars with their other customer feedback.
We found lots of good reasons to shop at Glitzy Ringz and think you will too.

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It began years ago. That was when I realized every woman should have the best. It has taken a while to get where my store is today. A lot has changed since then, but love lives on. 

Whether you’re shopping for someone else or yourself at Glitzy Ringz, we strive to offer personal attention and to help you make a perfect choice.

Online through the site or with an email. Or better yet with a call. We are here and happy to listen and shop with you to make your experience a fun, memorable occasion.

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Order online. No waiting in lines. This option gives you instant shopping gratification! Great for last-minute birthday shopping, anniversaries, or grabbing a holiday gift on the way to the party.

You shop online and purchase online from the comfort of your home. Without leaving the comfort. 

Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings, Men's and Women's and gifts — with more options, We have the absolute best selection of jewelry for you. Through the designs, we have your next piece of Glitzy Ringz. 

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