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White Gold Lab Created Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring

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$34.00 USD

If you love sparkle, a Lab Created might just be the perfect Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring for you. Sparkle is measured by brilliance, which is a stone’s refractive index.  High-quality cubic zirconia rings exhibit a heightened brilliance. Because their faceting patterns differ from diamonds. The striking surface sparkle of a Lab Created Cubic Zirconia emits fiery, rainbow flashes that dazzle in the light. While Cubic Zirconia is labeled as “colorless”, the gems can still project a yellow or grayish hue in certain lights. This characteristic sets them apart from diamonds.

When purchasing a Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring simulation diamond, the quality of cubic zirconia is absolutely critical. Very stylish White Gold Lab-Created Diamond Eternity ring!

This beautiful Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring center row lab-created diamonds with 2 other rows of pave set lab-created diamonds. It also has an outer band of pave set lab-created diamonds on the outside of the ring for some extra sparkle!

It is 925 sterling silver with a 14k white gold finish. The diamonds are very clear with a D-E color grade