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  • 12 month Moon Star Birthstone Necklace
  • Moon Star Birthstone Necklaces
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Moon Star Birthstone Necklace

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Inspired by Moon Star, our sterling silver Birthstone Necklace captures the mystical beauty of the celestial skies. Searching for that unique jewelry or gift? The Moon Birthstone Necklace is the perfect item. Keep a treasured memory close to your heart with our Necklace.

What's the meaning of Birthstone jewelry?  Generally speaking, gemstones symbolize positive, healing qualities. Certainly, this is true of birthstones. At first all twelve stones were worn in rotation by the same person in the belief that this was the way to ensure maximum benefit from each stone's qualities.

The birthstone, as mentioned above, represents a specific month of birth. Currently, there are several lists – each one with different stones for each month of the year. In this case, although there are many, we will focus on the best known traditional and zodiacal lists.

The traditional list is based on a person’s birth date and assigns a jewel to the month in question. The zodiacal list maps to a precious stone having the date range that involves the zodiacal entity. Let’s see the characteristics of each month according to these two lists, and the advantages of each stone.

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