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  • Norse Odin Hammer Viking Amulet Men's Necklace
  • man holding Norse Odin Hammer Viking Amulet Men's Necklace
  • Norse Odin Hammer Viking Amulet Men's Necklace showing size of this necklace
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Norse Odin Hammer Viking Amulet Men's Necklace

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Norse Odin Hammer Viking Amulet Men's Necklace. Hammer of Thor is a symbol of battle and vitality. Which the men's necklace always provides the person wearing it with the strength and courage to overcome obstacles.

The iconic Mjolnir symbol was widely used across Viking cultures to receive the deity protection of Thor. It was believed that wearing the symbol of Thors hammer would give Viking warriors power and endurance in battles. The tradition of wearing a Thor’s Hammer Necklace has been carried down by Scandinavians for centuries and are still commonly used today.

Includes a stainless-steel snake chain necklace.

Necklace with great and generous style design. The Thor's Viking Necklace is appropriate for wearing on any occasion. The necklace is made of high-quality stainless steel, which keeps its luster for life, nickel free and hypoallergenic, safe to wear.

Weaved from the Norse mythology, Odin Hammer is the Viking Amulet with powerful magic of luck that brings all good fortune and keep evil away. The Viking men's necklace will inspire you to take on any challenges in front of you. Odin's hammer also cursed with the power to protect you against weakness, dark power, and evil forces.

This special necklace can be sent to a Loved One, a Friend, a Family member (father, mother, brother, sister) or a special gift for a Birthday, Christmas, Dating, Office, Home, Graduation, Wedding, Mother's Day/Father's Day, Engagement, Valentine's Day and any Special Date.

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