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  • Two Tone Green Peridot Gemstone Ring
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Two Tone Green Peridot Gemstone Ring

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Peridot gemstone ring. Handcrafted. are vibrant, unique and classy. It doesn't matter if it's a minimal solitaire piece or an elaborate vintage-inspired one, rings embellished with this dazzling olive-green gem will always steal the show. Peridot gemstone ring is true to itself and you. 

Crafted in sterling silver & 18K gold colored.  the round peridot stone ring fascinates with its earthy green brilliance. The intricate detailing around the center stone and the split shank lends a distinctive yet spectacular look to this peridot ring.

Being the month of August Birthstone. Peridot is the yellowish green to greenish yellow gem variety of the mineral olivine. Throughout history, peridot has often been confused with other gems such as topaz and emerald. The Red Sea Island of Topazio's, a purported source of the name “topaz,” actually produced peridot. The Shrine of the Three Holy Kings in Germany’s Cologne Cathedral is decorated with 200 carats of gems that were believed to be emeralds but are, in fact, the August birthstone peridot. Some historians even speculate that Cleopatra’s famous emerald collection may have been comprised of peridot.
The word “peridot” comes from the Arabic faridat, meaning gem. This August birthstone was valued in many ancient and medieval cultures. It appeared in priests’ jewelry as early as the second century BCE and later in the chalices and churches of medieval Europe. The peridot birthstone has also been used for centuries as a protective talisman, shielding the owner from evil spirits and “terrors of the night.”

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