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  • 925 Solid Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone Ring - Glitzy Ringz
  • Silver Rainbow Moonstone Ring
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Glitzy Ringz

Silver Rainbow Moonstone Ring

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  • Our Silver Rainbow Moonstone Ring is the ultimate statement piece. Fashioned in silver. Our beautiful moonstone ring sparkles in  the color of the rainbow when it catches the light. It's one of our most versatile and elegant artisan-crafted designs, so you'll want to wear it all day, every day.


When you want balance, harmony and hope the best statement ring would be a  rainbow moonstone sterling silver ring.

  • Therefore will enhance creativity.
  • Compassion.
  • Endurance and inner confidence.

How could you say no to a ring that is both stunning and versatile? This statement ring is sure to keep you looking great no matter where the day (and night!) takes you. A mix of warm and cool colors, this gemstone evokes the energy of the moon in its various phases. It's a perfect addition to your jewelry collection. 

Rainbow moonstone jewelry offers beauty and symbolism. For example, Moonstone is associated with the crown chakra and divine feminine energy. The rainbow stone can re-energize the mind and body with it's natural properties. Moonstone rings for women can unlock your inner goddess and balance female hormones.

It can be stressful buying new jewelry. Especially when you want something that is classy, elegant, and sexy. Choosing the right piece of jewelry can be a difficult process. Because having so many different stones to choose from. Which can turn into a nightmare. Buy our Rainbow Moonstone Rings! Choose our Solid Sterling Silver Ring. First, craftsmanship goes into the making of this ring. Second, the ring goes into production. Last,  finished by our expert team of polishers. So the ring will have a rainbow sparkle. Our jewelry.