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  • Daisy 925 Sterling Silver Spoon Ring - Glitzy Ringz
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Glitzy Ringz

Vintage Daisy Spoon Ring Sterling Silver

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 This dazzling spoon ring has been carefully crafted from a handle of a piece of vintage silver-plated flatware.  The pattern name is “Vintage Flower”. Which dates back to 1951. Therefore, is definitely an eye-catching conversation piece. They are comfortable to wear as well as beautiful. Because no rings are exactly alike, each piece will have their own unique character marks, which in my option only adds to their charm and tells a story of their previous life. Everyone should own at least one spoon ring!

If you are looking for something unique, stop-go nowhere. You have arrived. Look at this unique Vintage Flatware Ring. It has a Retro vintage silver rings design and curves gracefully around your finger. So, smooth it is almost invisible to the eye. The Daisy Silver Spoon is perfect for those who love handmade treasures and always want to be different from everyone else.

Now a days we look at spoon ring sterling silver as trendy additions to our jewelry collections. Spoon jewelry is beautiful and fashionable. But have you ever stopped and asked yourself, “Where did this whole idea come from? Who was the first person looks at a simple piece of silverware and say ‘yes? I think this would make great ring!’”? Well, it turns out that the history of the jewelry from spoons goes back a long way and the story is actually quite romantic and interesting. How to make rings from spoons?

This gorgeous sterling silver spoon ring for Women features a classic swirl design. Which is the perfect accessory to dress up any outfit. Anyone who wears this vintage silver rings will not only look fashionable and stylish. Therefore, you  will be flooded with the compliments of others. It also makes a perfect gift for birthdays and holidays!

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