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  • Pure Ice Sterling Silver Butterfly Ring - Glitzy Ringz
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Pure Ice Sterling Silver Butterfly Ring

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Choose from our unique design and add a little bit of butterfly magic to your life! Give the butterfly ring as a gift of butterflies with these beautiful butterfly ring. We all know that mothers are the greatest gift givers of all. Show your appreciation with this beautiful butterfly ringlet. Let Mom know you appreciate her everyday with this piece of jewelry that is perfect for any occasion.

If you love butterflies this butterfly circle will make a great gift and is perfect for all sorts of gift giving occasions. For graduation, they symbolize new beginnings. For Mother's Day, they represent the beauty of Mom and the simple touch she's brought to your life.
Sapphire is regarded as a stone of mental focus and order, inner vision and psychic awareness. Associated with spirituality and devotion, sapphire is thought to bring peace and contentment to one's soul, as well as fulfillment of his or her destiny.

Butterfly Jewelry and Why Buy?

The Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning of Butterflies
Butterflies symbolize life, freedom, change, hope, and rebirth. Not only are they an object of beauty, but are also a sign of spring as they are one of the first few creatures to emerge after a long winter. Butterfly lifespans are short. Butterflies are  one of the most admired insects in the world. Also, connected with jewellry.

Some people believe that butterflies are angels in costumes. Because butterflies undergo metamorphosis, it is not at all surprising they have become a symbol of change and transformation. There are many stories of the butterfly appearing sites of birth and death and are thought to be messengers from the spirit world or heaven, depending on religious beliefs. They are also thought to be spirit animals that characterize playful, carefree, and personalities.

Handmade item
Materials: Silver, Stone
Gemstone: Sapphire