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Vintage Navajo Turquoise Ring

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It is all about the VINTAGE. This beautiful example of a Vintage Navajo Turquoise Ring features three large and nicely matched, faux Blue Gem turquoise cabochons. Wearing this vintage native American turquoise jewelry, you will feel confident. The faux stones display that wonderful blue-green matrix in this Vintage Navajo Turquoise Ring. Each stone is set in a hand-made bezel atop a heavy shank.

This Turquoise Ring is made from vintage faux turquoise. Firstly, this ring is full of history and tradition. Secondly, tells the story of Native Americans. Thirdly, it shows the history of turquoise, from being worn by ancient Celtics, to being featured in Native American jewelry.

This Navajo turquoise rings for women are big style, that's sure to impress! Native American turquoise rings beautiful, blue stones that display great color & matrix. Bezel set with twist wire on a Sterling fan shank. This Vintage Ring is a great look with authentic, southwestern style! Navajo turquoise rings Southwestern Style!

Capturing the romance of an era gone by, this vintage Navajo jewelry is a piece of sheer opulence. The spectacular gem is nestled within a 3 round styles halo of turquois gems held in semi-bezel settings. Designed with leaf and vine motifs, the ornate shank completes the vintage-style.